StageNotePRO is a monitor mix note-taking mobile application for iOS and Android devices.
As a monitor engineer working a busy event with tight changeovers, it's important to be as efficient as possible. Whilst you walk around stage asking performers what they would like in their mixes you would ideally use a companion app for a digital desk, but sometimes it's not that simple.
What about analogue consoles and older mixers? What about when your app fails to sync with the sound desk? What if your festival stage is so windy your scribbled-down notes on paper are blowing away? StageNotePRO is the perfect alternative for sound engineers to make quick monitor mix notes whilst talking to performers on stage.

Fader Levels

Using your own reference point set fader levels on StageNotePRO. When ready, refer to the app to prepare mixes on your console.

Channel Notes

You can assign up to 3 notes to each channel. Quick and simple.


Rename 16 scenes and 96+ channels plus festival patch labels. You can also change the main colour.

Import Labels

Connect StageNotePRO to the StageNotePRO Loader desktop application to import labels from a .csv file.

Tweet or email us for support or with suggestions. We will add more notes to the app based on your feedback.
StageNotePRO is now available for iOS and Android.
The StageNotePRO Loader for Windows can be downloaded for FREE below. You can also download the Android app from here instead of the Google Play Store.